American Express Go™ Marks Step Forward For Corporate Payments Innovation



November 28, 2018

American Express today announced the Australian launch of American Express Go, a virtual payments solution to help mid and large-sized companies more efficiently handle the business expenses of temporary workers, contractors and general employees.

For the first time, American Express Go allows businesses to quickly issue a unique virtual card straight to a mobile wallet which can be used in person, online, over the phone or as a form of payment in another app, such as a food delivery or ride sharing service.  It integrates with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay for contactless payments and an employee can be set up with a virtual card in just a few minutes.

American Express Go gives an unprecedented level of control to organisations.  It allows them to set individual virtual card spend and timeframe limits, ‘top-up’ or cancel balances at any time, monitor spend in real time, and track and consolidate expenses easily using pre-determined project codes or employee IDs.  All spend can be reconciled against the individual virtual account number assigned and uploaded onto a single statement, allowing for simpler reconciliation than ever before.  

Becky Cook, Vice President of Global Commercial Services said, “Every aspect of payments is facing ongoing innovation – who, how, when, where, and even why we pay is changing. For businesses, this means that solutions to enable and manage payments have to advance at the same pace.  American Express Go is at the forefront of payment technology as we recognise that virtual payments is today’s new reality for businesses.”

The launch of American Express Go comes at a time when workforces are becoming more mobile, more independent and less structured. In 2018, for the first time, less than half of all employed Australians are in permanent full-time jobs1 - reflecting the growth of the ‘gig economy2’ and the changing nature of work.

Managing the business finances of staff on non-traditional contracts and with less structured working patterns requires new technology. American Express Go removes the need for physical plastic, particularly among contractors and contingent workforces who companies may be reluctant to issue physical cards to.

American Express Go brings a multitude of unique benefits for both businesses and end-users, including:

  • Reduces the back-office hassles of reviewing expense forms and manually reconciling transactions;
  • Allows greater control and flexibility of spend limits, usage dates, etc. in real-time;
  • Simplifies spending, giving infrequent travellers, contractors and mobile workforces innovative tools that make work easier;
  • Aids in quicker reconciliation with important details added like names, cost centres and accounting codes;
  • Quickly provides employees with access to business funds;
  • Employees can be set up in a few minutes; and
  • Can be used where American Express is accepted.

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1 The Dimensions of Insecure Work, The Australia Institute – The Centre for Future Work, 2018.

2 A labour market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs.


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