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American Express Officially Launches Amex Flex, Our New Way of Working

March 18, 2022

A majority of colleagues in the U.S. have chosen a hybrid work schedule, while more than 40% will be fully virtual.

American Express officially launched Amex Flex, the company’s new way of working where colleagues can work in the office, at home, or can take a hybrid approach that combines both. As of March 15, colleagues in the company’s New York, U.K., Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. offices joined Taiwan as the first group of locations to transition to the new work model. Amex Flex will roll out across all U.S. offices by mid-April, including Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Sunrise, Itasca, and Palo Alto, and in additional locations around the world over the next several months as part of its phased return to office.

“Offering flexibility has always been a part of our culture, and with Amex Flex, we want to achieve the best of both worlds – recapturing the creativity and relationship building of working together in person, while also retaining the flexibility and progress we have made in a virtual environment,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stephen J. Squeri in a recent letter to shareholders. “The vast majority of colleagues have told us through our surveys that having regular in-person interaction is important, but my message to our colleagues is to come to the office with a purpose. Our time in the office will be spent connecting with each other, holding group meetings, and focusing on building relationships, networking, and mentoring.”

Before the pandemic, approximately 20 percent of American Express’ U.S. workforce was already virtual. Since the company announced Amex Flex, the majority of colleagues in the U.S. have chosen a hybrid schedule, which means they will come into the office about two days per week and work virtually for the rest, while more than 40% have opted to be fully virtual, a percentage that has doubled over the last two years.  

Here’s what colleagues had to share about Amex Flex and the company’s transition to the new way of working:

“As more colleagues return to the office, the energy is palpable and I’ve felt a renewed sense of purpose, whether we’re working together in person, virtually, or a combination of the two. When in the office, I have been setting aside time each day to just walk the floor and take the time to reconnect with colleagues, collaborate, and nurture relationships,” says Donna, a colleague from the New York office.

For Celina, a colleague based in American Express’ Brighton, U.K. office, “Amex Flex means being connected to both my work and my personal life. It’s great to come into the office and meet face-to-face, as there is nothing like seeing your colleagues (and friends!) smile in real life. Other times, working from home allows me the flexibility to dedicate what would be my commute to my personal goals such as my fitness and family. Through a hybrid schedule, I make the days I come in really about connecting with my colleagues and cherishing the small moments.”

Connie, a colleague based in San Francisco, shared “When my significant other took a job in San Francisco, Amex fully supported me in becoming a virtual employee, and I had the opportunity to work with the team to build and launch American Express Rewards Checking – Amex’s first U.S. consumer checking account.”

As part of Amex Flex, colleagues also have the opportunity to work up to 4 calendar weeks from a location other than their primary work location each year, during which time they will not have to come into the office at all if they have a hybrid schedule.

With a larger number of American Express colleagues working from different locations, the company has also evolved its physical workspaces with upgraded technology and tools to create an environment that seamlessly enables virtual and in-person colleagues to work together.

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