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We Back Our Colleagues So They Can Back Their Communities

Our colleagues don’t just work here, they are active members of their communities. We make it easier for them to be involved through three flagship programs: Serve2Gether, Give2Gether and Green2Gether.


Each year, thousands of American Express colleagues roll up their sleeves and join company-sponsored community projects. Our Serve2Gether volunteer program encourages and rewards these activities, giving colleagues tools that make it easier for them to connect with and promote the causes they care about. Serve2Gether Grants takes it one step further, providing micro-grants when colleagues volunteer extensively with a specific organization. And through Serve2Gether Consulting, colleagues provide pro bono support to help nonprofits become more efficient and effective.


The Serve2Gether Consulting Challenge matches selected nonprofits and social enterprises with employees on short-term consulting projects in order to address a specific organizational challenge or opportunity identified by the nonprofit client. Selected organizations must commit staff resources of 3-5 hours per week over a 10 week period to work with their assigned consulting team. At the end of the consulting engagements, teams compete to receive a seed funding grant to begin implementing the organizational recommendations resulting from these consultations. American Express employees are ready to help address the business challenges listed below:

Marketing & Outreach

  • Key Messages & Brand Strategy: Succinctly articulate your mission, describe programs/services, and develop differentiated positioning from your peer organizations.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy: Determine how you can best utilize digital channels (e.g., mobile, search engines, blogs, and social media) and digital marketing to achieve your objectives.

  • Building Customer Relationships: Develop strategies to deepen your relationships with existing clients/audiences to further engage with your organization.

  • Targeting New Audiences: Develop strategies for targeting important new clients/audiences and successfully engage them in your work.


  • Peer Benchmarking: Map your competitive landscape by creating a set of detailed profiles for a select group of peers.

  • Opportunity Analysis: Develop a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis to provide an in-depth look at the overall environment in which you operate or a specific organizational opportunity/challenge.


  • Financial Strategy: Improve your financial tracking or modeling approach. The team will suggest improvements and/or create new tools for budget tracking, cost analysis and/or forecasting.

Human Resources

  • Human Resources Capacity Build: Assess your HR and talent management capabilities to define the right approach to link improved HR practices to your broader organizational goals.

  • Performance Management: Identify HR strategies to increase productivity by setting target goals and managing staff progress


Green2Gether gives colleagues another avenue for making a difference. Thousands of citizens get involved every day, designing and leading environmental initiatives tailored to their workplaces and all of our communities worldwide.

In 2020, 57,000 trees were planted during our Earth Month colleague campaign.


Our colleagues naturally want to give to the causes they care about, so we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Each fall we hold our Give2Gether campaign globally. Colleagues dig deep into their pockets to help. (American Express matches these donations to the tune of millions of additional dollars a year.)

To learn more about our colleague engagement and corporate giving programs download our ESG Report .