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Corporate Responsibility at American Express

The world is changing quickly, creating more and more opportunities to create, build, learn and do important things. With this rapid change also comes more and more uncertainty, insecurity and instability. In such a ripe-yet-risky world, the need for backing — not just of our customers, but of communities, our leaders, our heritage sites and our environment — is greater than ever.

Corporate Responsibility

Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach to CSR is a natural extension of our commitment to delivering an unparalleled standard of excellence in everything we do. It shapes the way we serve you as well as the way we approach our responsibilities as a corporate citizen. And it has inspired a culture of high-performing colleagues, engaged customers, satisfied stakeholders and partnerships with other responsible businesses.

All of this is underscored by disciplined risk management to ensure we are building a company that will endure as an organization people want to work for, invest in and do business with.

In short, we aim to create value—whether social, environmental or economic—for you and all the rest of our stakeholders: our Card Members, shareholders, colleagues, business partners, and the communities where we all live and work.

Our CSR Governance Structure

Sustaining a commitment to social responsibility requires strong and effective governance. At American Express, our executive management team holds the ultimate responsibility for CSR progress and success. These leaders are constantly reviewing and evaluating performance and goals related to Environmental and Social Governance in their respective groups. Members of the Public Responsibility Committee within our board of directors monitor their progress and provide further guidance. Day-to-day, our CSR team works with colleagues throughout the company to track and shape our efforts.

External Recognition

Our commitment to being a responsible company and an employer of choice continues to earn us industry awards and recognition. Here are some of the ways we were recognized in 2016-2017:

  • Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For since 2001
  • Fortune 50 Best Companies for Diversity since the list debuted in 2016
  • 100% on Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index (rating American workplaces on LGBT equality)
  • FTS4Good Index Series
  • Fortune 2017 Change the World list
  • CDP climate performance score: A-
  • EPA Green Power: Top user of sustainable energy since 2014
  • Newsweek Green ranking: top U.S. green companies since 2011