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September 29, 2021

Amex Trendex: UK consumers investing more time and money into mental and physical health to combat impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Amex Trendex: UK consumers investing more time and money into mental and physical health to combat impact of COVID-19 pandemic

29 September, 2021 – According to new research from American Express (NYSE:AXP)*, UK consumers are investing more time and money in their physical and mental health to combat the effects of COVID-19 on their wellbeing.

The Amex Trendex is a trend report from American Express, which surveys consumers in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Japan, Mexico, India, and Canada. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of UK consumers surveyed indicate that their mental health has been impacted by the pandemic – either by isolation restrictions or concerns for well-being - and 61% agree that the pandemic has encouraged them to spend more money on items or experiences that help with their overall mental wellness.

UK consumers focus their spending on wellness

55% of UK consumers surveyed agree they have spent more on wellness products than they did a year ago.  

  • Their purchases span across diet and exercise with natural vitamins and supplements (35%), in-home fitness equipment (29%), and dietary food options such as vegetarian or vegan foods (26%) ranked as the top three items that consumers have spent more money on over the past year
  • These are also similar to the wellness items that adults plan to spend more money on in the future: natural vitamins and supplements (31%), organic food (22%), and in-home fitness equipment (19%) top the list

Health and wellness is taking a priority

The majority of adults surveyed in the UK (75%) agree that they are working on more goals tied to health and wellness than in previous years and 61% agree they are planning to try a new wellness or fitness activity to improve their well-being.

  • UK consumers say exercise (53%) had the greatest positive impact on their mental health, followed by getting a good night’s sleep (43%) and listening to music (37%)
  • Some of the most impactful ways UK consumers tried to improve their mental health over the past year included changing their diet (32%) and managing social media consumption (29%)
  • Social media has also become a resource for many: over half (56%) of UK respondents agree that their social media feeds have filled up with more wellness content over the past year and 22% have spent more time exercising with social media videos or classes this year

Consumers are finding a renewed appreciation for travel

Consumers’ desire and appreciation for travel is strong as 77% of UK consumers agree they value the freedom to travel more now than they did prior to the pandemic and 83% agree that travel helps them improve their mental health.

  • 73% of UK consumers want to go on holiday to relax and unwind and 49% say they would be willing to pay extra for wellness activities on future holidays
  • The benefits extend beyond the trip itself as 83% of UK consumers agree they feel restored after traveling
  • Over half of UK consumers (57%) say they will be comforable travelling internationally within 6 months.



What is the Amex Trendex?

The Amex Trendex is a trend index that tracks how consumers, small businesses, and merchants are feeling about spending, saving, traveling and more. Data is sourced on a monthly basis in the United States and bimonthly globally, including in the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Mexico, India and Canada.


*This Amex Trendex online poll was conducted by Morning Consult between September 8-14, 2021, among a national sample of 2,000 general population travelers in the US and 1,000 in Japan, Australia, Mexico, the UK, Canada and India. The audience is defined as those with a household income of at least $70K who traveled by air at least once in 2019. Results from the survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.


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