A Unique Service Company

American Express is the only company with a strong, global presence across the entire payments chain.

We are the world’s largest card issuer, the premium network for high-spending cardmembers, a processor of millions of transactions daily, and a partner that provides business-building services to a worldwide merchant base.

Having this horizontal scale across payments gives us diverse opportunities to grow our business and drive innovation in the marketplace. It’s also a gateway to a broader array of services that further differentiate American Express.

Our direct relationships with many millions of consumers, businesses and merchants worldwide -- combined with our leading-edge marketing, information management and rewards capabilities -- enable us to offer an array of valuable services that enrich lives, build business success, encourage financial responsibility, and create communities of people with common interests.

This is what makes American Express a unique, and uniquely powerful, services company.

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Spend vs. Lend
Unlike other card issuers, we earn most of our revenues from cardmember spending and the business we drive to merchants rather than from lending fees and revolving credit balances. Our spend-centric model; lower reliance on lending; and broad portfolio of products and services for consumers and B2B customers position us to earn attractive returns.
Premium Customers
We have the best customer base of any payments company. On average, our cardmembers spend about four times more than those of MasterCard and three-and-a-half times more than Visa. And we have the highest credit quality among major card issuers. We earn the loyalty of our high-spending customers by providing them with industry-leading products, services, rewards and benefits.
Unparalleled Insights
Our ability to capture, analyze and gain insights from the billions of transactions that flow through our network enables us to create value for consumers, merchants and business customers. With this information, which we strictly guard, we craft relevant and valuable offers for cardmembers, help our merchant partners attract customers, and identify ways for businesses to control expenses and manage payments.
Superior Service
A global leader in customer service, we strive to understand our customers, treat them with respect, and go the extra mile to help them. Our commitment to customer service has also earned us many other honors for distinguished service worldwide.
A Trusted Brand
American Express has one of the world’s most trusted and powerful brands. Our name stands for security, service and personal recognition. This reputation attracts customers and business partners, inspires our employees, and is valued by investors. Forged over 160 years of doing business, our brand continues to set us apart from the competition.
There’s a reason why we call our customers cardmembers. We treat them as members of a special community of people who strive to achieve and live life to the fullest. Our cardmembers value the personal recognition they receive from American Express, from the Member Since date on their cards to the care they receive wherever they are, whenever they need us.