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American Express
Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

At American Express, our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a natural extension of our vision to become the world's most respected service brand. In a world of rapid social change and urgent environmental imperatives, a brand that stands for trust, security and service is more important than ever.

CSR Report 2016

The 2016 CSR report "The Service Effect" highlights the company's efforts to create social, environmental and economic value for its stakeholders as well as its commitment to operating ethically and responsibly.

The report describes how our service commitment shapes our daily work and our approach to CSR. It extends from creating innovative products to protecting Card Members' privacy and ensuring the security of their data. From promoting the growth of small businesses to developing diverse leaders. From meeting our carbon and energy targets to building a strong company culture – and much more.

At American Express we are dedicated to treating everyone we serve with the utmost care and respect. As the world evolves, we will continue transforming to meet the needs of our stakeholders while remaining true to the values that have always sustained us.

Report Downloads & Links

2016 CSR report (PDF)

2016 CSR Report highlights (PDF)

2015 CSR report (PDF)

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Q2/2015 CSR Update: Minimizing Our Impact on the Environment (HTML)

Q1/2015 CSR Update: Nonprofits and Data Security (HTML)

Q4/2014 CSR Update: Expanding our Commitment to Nonprofit Leadership Development (HTML)

Q3/2014 CSR Update: Promoting Environmental Sustainability (HTML)

Q2/2014 CSR Update: Serving Our Communities (HTML)

Q1/2014 CSR Update: Investing in Our Communities (HTML)

Q4/2013 CSR Update: Training Emerging Innovators (HTML)

Q3/2013 CSR Update: Saving Paper (HTML)

Q2/2013 CSR Update: Serving the Unbanked (HTML)

Q1/2013 CSR Update: Protecting the Environment (HTML)

2011 Corporate Responsibility Update (PDF)

2007/2008 Recognizing Responsibility: Corporate Citizenship Report (PDF)