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Credit Bureau Resources


American Express is committed to helping you understand and manage your credit wisely.

Much of the information in the “Credit Bureau Resources” section of the American Express Financial Education Web site was developed by Fair Isaac Corporation – the company that invented the FICO® credit risk score that lenders use. This information is intended to help you understand the actions you can take to achieve and protect your overall financial health.

We have also included credit information as it relates to your American Express account, such as “Why Does American Express Send Me My FICO Score?” and” How Late Payments Affect Your Credit Score.”

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The information provided by Fair Isaac Corporation is used with permission. Copyright © Fair Isaac Corporation. All rights reserved. Further use, reproduction, or distribution is governed by the Fair Isaac Copyright Usage Requirements, which, along with further information on credit, credit scoring, and related topics, can be found at Fair Isaac®, FICO®, myFICO®, and other marks are trademarks of Fair Isaac Corporation.
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